One of the fastest growing trends in education currently (and especially as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic) is online learning. Anything from a lecture series on neuroscience to a short training course on using fire extinguishers can be delivered online, in a format that allows learners to access the material in their own time and at their own pace.

Picture Engine has developed a great deal of expertise in setting up online learning courses. We can help you convert conventional face-to-face training courses into fully online courses, which of course has a number of advantages:

  • No limit on the number of students
  • Training can take place at any time, anywhere
  • Get paid upfront – no chasing invoices
  • More time for you to develop new courses

Sound interesting? Why not get in touch and see what Picture Engine can do to turbo-charge your training courses?

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Picture Engine e-learning on an iPad

Online learning is almost always managed using software called a Learning Management System (LMS). Anyone who has been at or taught at school, college or university in recent years will have used one of the major ones – systems like Moodle, UniLearn and Brightspace are common in big institutions. Luckily there are much smaller and more manageable options, including plug-ins for WordPress. At Picture Engine our favourite is currently WPCourseware, which has all sorts of useful options including multi-choice quizzes that can be marked automatically and even a downloadable certificate. We’ve also used the highly popular Learndash, though, and are equally happy managing sites that use either!

Image of Learndash logo
E-learning Websites from Picture Engine

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