Project Description

Leeds-based data infrastructure specialists Arc Data Systems Ltd contacted Picture Engine for help with their website. They had a legacy of old domain contracts, webhosting and an out-of-date website that all needed sorting out, plus they were being invoiced for email facilities that were no longer used. Picture Engine undertook a full investigation of the existing situation and produced a report with recommendations for streamlining it all to reduce cost and create a brand new, faster, mobile responsive wesbite.

Images of Arc Data Systems responsive website on different devices

I contacted Andrew at Picture Engine with a particular set of issues, I had a previous website that needed updating and all previous hosting and settings needed to be updated after the company changed ownership. Andrew made the whole experience of what was to me a massive headache a pleasant and simple one. Andrew took ownership of all the issues and dealt with them. I had zero down time during the whole process and I now have a complete new website and transferred all my hosting to Andrew , who is always available via email to answer any questions or issues you may have

New site design

There was a “legacy” website, but Andy at Arc preferred to start again with a clean slate, so we sourced all new imagery and Arc provided us with new text for each page. Arc Data Systems work in close partnership with a number of suppliers and wanted the site to reflect this, so we added a “ticker” of featured partner logos to each page on the site, which runs continuously across the bottom of each page. We retained the original logo (although this needed to be redrawn in Illustrator to get a clean copy) and used both the font and the colours from this to drive the site design and favicon.

Image of the homepage for Arc Data Systems
Image of the Arc Data Systems cabling page
Call to Action

The main objective for the website (other than simply giving the business an updated online presence) was to get potential customers and partners to get in touch, so we added a contact form and made it really easy to get to this from any page on the website, with large clear links in the main menu and repeated links in the text of each of the main pages.


Another of the main things that Arc wanted to promote was their new training using highly specialised equipment to design and install high quality wireless networks, particularly highlighting their partnership with wireless data equipment manufacturer and trainer Ekahau. We designed a dedicated page for Wireless Network Design highlighting this.

Image of the Arc Data Systems wireless network page