Project Description

HRH Sports Therapy was set up by therapist Holly Heathcote after she graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2019; the business offers sports therapy, massage, acupuncture and dry cupping from two clinics in Bolton and Preston.

After having seen the website created by Picture Engine for Injury Rehab Solutions, Holly got in touch to ask if Picture Engine could create something similar for her business.

Images of HRH Sports Therapy responsive website on different devices
Website Design

Holly had a small number of pictures, and a logo already created, so that formed the starting point for designing the new website from scratch. Using fonts that matched those in the logo, and a colour scheme that complements it, Picture Engine used a mixture of the pictures supplied and some library images to base the site design on.

Image of the homepage for the HRH Sports Therapy website
HRH Sports Therapy appointment booking page
Booking an appointment

The main purpose of Holly’s website was to get potential clients to get in touch and if possible, to book an appointment online. She was already using the Cliniko online booking system, so rather than re-invent the wheel and create a new online booking system, the Appointment Booking page embeds the Cliniko booking app as part of the page. To the untrained eye there is no difference, but the client is actually using a separate website to book their appointment from within the HRH website. This meant that there was no need to set up a new booking system within the new website, saving considerably on setup time and maintenance cost.

Andrew at Picture Engine has been fantastic in helping me to build my first website. He talked me through everything that was available to me and allowed me to have what I wanted and needed. The design was amazing. Being self employed I struggle for time but that didn’t matter, Andrew was very patient and it really wasn’t much work on my part. Thank you Andrew, the end result is great.

Holly Heathcote, HRH Sports Therapy