Project Description

Existing Picture Engine customer Jigsaw Early Years Consultancy are hugely respected in the early years education sector. For quite some time Picture Engine has been their web design/maintenance partner and in October 2021 they asked Picture Engine to start working on a new design for their existing website…

Images of Jigsaw Early Years Consultancy responsive website on different devices
Website Redesign

Jigsaw has used Picture Engine for two new previous websites, Adding Impact and Jigsaw Recruitment, along with maintaining and managing the hosting for their main site. However in October 2021 business owner Vanessa Dooley decided that the time had come for a full overhaul of the existing site. Vanessa had a very clear idea of what she wanted – a much cleaner, less cluttered and more minimalist design style along with a clearer sense of taking the user on a “journey” through the various aspects of Jigsaw’s services; these incorporate consultancy, event management, online and face-to-face training, and an online shop selling a variety of useful products to the Early Years sector.

Image of the Jigsaw Early Years Consultancy Homepage
Image of the Jigsaw Services web page
User Journeys

One of the principal aims of the site overhaul was to redraw the “customer journey” (or “User Experience” in web design jargon) so that immediately from the homepage it would be easy to find the key offerings from the website. Vanessa wanted to break this down into services, training, events and shop, with additional main pages for Contact Details and Jigsaw’s Podcasts and blog posts. Working with initial design ideas suggested by Jigsaw, Picture Engine were able to map out the four “customer journeys” through the website so they are now much clearer and more intuitive.

Training Course Sales

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, Jigsaw found that they were selling a lot more online and Zoom-based face-to-face training, and the new look for the website had to take account of that. As a result the training offerings are now much more obvious and easy to find from the homepage, with users typically able to find the training course they need in no more than three button clicks, with no need to search the site – indeed, the search function has been removed on the basis that if a user needs to search for something, they’ll look elsewhere!

Image of the Jigsaw DSL Training Page

I am very sceptical and need to trust the person who takes on my website as this tells our story and I wanted to keep that vision. Andrew was very good at explaining it was about the customer experience when they come to your website which I hadn’t seen before. The first website was running so slow that Andrew did the research for us and we now have the a super speedy site that runs so clear. He was very patient and calm helping me to understand the changes and I trusted his exceptional knowledge on hosting sites as well as the whole user experience.