Project Description

Existing Picture Engine customer Jigsaw Early Years Consultancy are hugely respected in the early years education sector and have repeatedly been asked to help nurseries and other early years setting to recruit suitably skilled staff. As a result, they asked us to design and build a simple recruitment website, with the focus being on ease of use for both candidates and recruiters.

Images of Jigsaw Early Years Recruitment responsive website on different devices
Website Design

This new site needed to be a separate entity, but the main Jigsaw brand and website have established a really strong identity, so it was important to make it clear that the two are linked. By using a similar logo and colour palette, focussing on the Jigsaw brand corporate colours, and fonts related to but not the same as the original site, coupled with new “child-centric” images, we were able to create a site that is clearly part of the Jigsaw family but stands on its own as visibly separate venture.

Image of the Jigsaw Early Years Recruitment home page
Image of the Current Vacancies summary at Jigsaw Early Years Recruitment
List of Current Vacancies

The most important part of any recruitment website is the list of current vacancies, and this is quickly and easily accessible. The vacancies are searchable by job level, location and/or working hours – in the Early Years sector quite a few vacancies are for term-time only so it was important to make this clear for both employers and candidates. Clicking on a vacancy summary gives the prospective candidate a full job description and makes it easy to apply online.

Posting a Vacancy

It is also really important that employers can post a vacancy quickly and easily – in the case of Early Years settings, this often has to happen outside normal working hours so Jigsaw wanted to make sure that potential clients could get their vacancies onto the site with the minimum of hassle. Their vacancy upload form is easy to fill in, allows employers to upload a job description document and then gets vetted by a Jigsaw consultant before being listed on the site.

Image of the vacancy posting page for employers at Jigsaw Early Years Recruitment
Image of the speculative CV upload page at Jigsaw Early Years Recruitment
Uploading a CV

For any recruitment company it is important to build a bank of potential candidates that can be matched to vacancies in the future. It’s also great for people looking for a new job to be able to upload their CV in case a suitable vacancy arises – it puts them at the front of the queue, potentially even before a job is advertised. We therefore included a CV upload page and made sure that the privacy terms covered the uploading and storage of CVs and personal contact details, to ensure GDPR compliance.