Project Description

Mine Conkbayir is an award winning consultant, author, lecturer and researcher in the field of early years education. She specialises in the intersection of neuroscience and early years learning. She came to Picture Engine for help after difficulties with a previous provider that couldn’t complete her site to the standard needed.

Images of Mine Conkbayir's responsive website on different devices
First steps

The existing site had been created in WordPress, but with a number of undocumented customisations (including a wholly customised “child theme”). Our job was to put the site into a form that could be supported long term, without the need to contact the original developer. We recreated the existing site, with some improvements to the design and functionality, set up the SEO and swapped out all the undocumented customisations.

Mine Conkbayir consultancy website screenshot
Mine Conkbayir online learning programmes page screenshot
Online learning

A big part of Mine’s online offering are her online learning programmes. These award winning programmes have been set up as part of her website to allow learners to work through them online, wherever they happen to be, at a pace to suit themselves. We set up both the programmes and the e-commerce plugin to collect payment and allow only paid-up users to access them.

I was introduced to Andrew at a very difficult time – the website designer of my website and online training programmes had left the projects in a negative way, leaving me with incomplete files and work and an imminent deadline to get everything organized for the launch. A colleague who uses Andrew’s services couldn’t recommend him highy enough. He came to London to meet me and helped me devise a plan – including an affordable payment plan. Fast-forward three years and my online programmes have achieved three awards and my website is going strong – only thanks to Andrew.

Andrew is highly skillful and knowledgeable, completely reliable, responsive, honest (which is rare and vital), dedicated, flexible and swift in his support. Also of importance is that he is always friendly, positive and open – which has always made me feel very comfortable about approaching him for help with my website and programmes – as well as unrelated work advice. It can take me a few times to understand certain things when it comes to tech and Andrew is unfalteringly patient with me, taking the time to break down information while checking I understand each aspect – and encouraging me to get in touch if anything remains unclear.

I appreciate that the purpose of testimonials is to accentuate the positive attributes of professionals – but Andrew is the embodiment of a true professional, with, in my experience of being lucky enough to have him work with/for me, no faults to be seen. I truly cannot recommend him highly enough. He is an asset to any employer wise enough to utilize his services.

Mine Conkbayir