Project Description

Morthanveld Publishing is the parent company of Picture Engine and has been providing music publishing services and consultancy since 2013. The website needed to reflect both the services offered and an e-commerce site to sell published music.

Images of the Morthanveld Publishing responsive website on different devices
First steps

There were three important aspects of this site. One was to introduce and explain the process of commissioning music, and the publishing consultancy side of the business. It was also important to include details of how Morthanveld can help with grant applications to funding bodies. The other was to have an easy to access blogroll on the front page, so that blog posts (including update to published pieces known as “errata”) were kept prominent.

Morthanveld Publishing blog posts screenshot
Morthanveld Publishing e-commerce shop page screenshot

The third crucial aspect of the brief for this site was the e-commerce section. Users need to be able to find works from the catalogue of 31 titles to buy easily. We therefore sorted these into different categories of work and created menu and category headings to make the filtering easy and intuitive. We installed WooCommerce and added both PayPal and Braintree as payment gateways.