Project Description

Sunbeams Cedar Academy is a day nursery in Tottenham, North London and having invested earlier in 2021 in marketing material they were keen to complement this with a website that matched the design cues in their new banner and prospectus.

Particularly in London, competition between day nurseries is strong, and a smart looking website that answers as many of the questions that prospective parents have as possible is a must. Nurseries also need to be able to capture potential interest and registration queries.

Images of Sunbeams Cedar Academy responsive website on different devices
Website Design

Sunbeams already had a PDF prospectus that they send out to potential parents who make enquiries, and that helped to set the design cues for the website. There is a “sunrise” logo which needed to be redrawn, along with a colour palette and set of typefaces, and these were all repurposed to form the basis of the website design. The nursery wanted a very simple site that simply told parents a little about the nursery, had a set of FAQs, and included both a contact form and a full registration form.

Image of the homepage for Sunbeams Cedar Nursery website
Sunbeams Cedar Academy About Us website page
Contact and Registration Enquiries

Sunbeam’s main goal when designing their new website was to get potential parents to get in touch. They wanted a contact from for general enquiries, but also a highly detailed registration form to allow parents to send pre-registration queries directly to the nursey. This complex form, which allows up to three children to be registered at the same time, needed to be submitted securely and in compliance with data protection rules – take a look here.