These days a website is very often the first impression you make, and if you’re selling products via your website it can be the only impression. At Picture Engine website design we entirely understand how important that makes getting it right.

A good website is all about taking the visitor on a well-structured journey, with what designers like to call a “call to action” at the earliest opportunity. If you’re a photographer, that might mean looking at samples of your work from the very first page. If you’re selling jewellery, you want your customers to see your products and be able to buy them within a very few clicks. If you are selling a service, or operate a consultancy, and you need customers to contact you, you want that journey to reach in a “contact me” button or form very quickly.

Whatever your website is for (and sometimes we can help you focus in on that, too), Picture Engine can design and build it for you with the minimum of jargon.

Have a look at a few of the sites we have designed from scratch (in other words, they either didn’t exist before or were completely rebuilt with the old site scrapped):

← [See what we did there? A “call to action” button nice and early in your journey!]

↑ [See what we did there? A “call to action” button nice and early in your journey!]


The vast majority of the work we do is done in a “content management system” called WordPress. WordPress is a software package that sits on the website server and acts as an “intermediary” between the front end that the user sees and the database and code behind the scenes. You don’t need to know how to write code to use it (although if you DO know how to write some code it can be even more flexible).

WordPress gets us results quickly and it’s easy to learn and incredibly flexible in terms of designs and functionality. We have had great success training clients to use it to do their own updates and blog posts, the basic package is free, and it’s very easy to move from one server to another.

Website Redesign

As often as we are asked to design a new site from scratch (possibly more often), we are asked to take an existing site and re-work it. Sometimes the content is good but the imagery is a bit dated, or the client now wants to have e-commerce functionality added, or the SEO needs sorting out.

We have a lot of expertise in re-working old sites, or moving them to new hosting, and have sorted out all sort of legacy problems that were causing site owners problems, including things like:

  • No SSL – lack of a security certificate was putting visitors off and the client didn’t know how to add one.
  • No SEO – the site was created with great content but no thought given to structuring that content to make it search engine-friendly.
  • Not responsive – i.e. not mobile friendly, so impossible to read on a phone, which is where more than 50% of users regularly view websites these days
  • Dated image – the images and colour scheme didn’t convey the look and feel of the business accurately

As part of our Website Redesign service we also offer copywriting and replacement imagery services; we can either commission photography on your behalf or use our extensive library of stock images, plus we have a number of partner businesses specialising in logo and icon design.

Have a look at some of the sites we have redesigned:

Social Media Feeds

It’s so important these days to integrate your web presence and your social media. Want to incorporate a live social media feed on your webpages? No problem! You can have it at the side or the bottom of every page, only on selected pages, on a dedicated social media page… anywhere you like.

Picture Engine on Twitter

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Picture Engine on Facebook

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