Website Rescue, Repair and First Aid

Why might you need Picture Engine website rescue, repair or first aid for your website? Well, imagine this:

You needed a website. You had a mate who set one up for free, or for “mates rates”. Nothing wrong with that. Except…

Now you need to expand the website or update it, and your mate is busy for the next couple of months. Or it’s just plain broken and customers are ringing you grumbling that they can’t get online to place an order. Or worse still, they’re not ringing you at all. You need someone to step up and help you out, because in a small business sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to fix everything yourself, right?

That’s when you need to call us. We’re more than happy to take over management and hosting, do a full rescue, or a repair, or simply a bit of first aid on your website for you – whatever it takes to get your site back working for you in the background and off the top of your “things to stress about” pile.

HELP!! My website needs rescuing…

Websites that make you go “hmm”…

Websites are a bit like cars. The basic idea is nice and simple, and many moons ago when the internet was young you could service them yourself in your garage at home. These days it can feel like you need a Masters in Computer Science to repair both.

These are just some some of the issues that we’ve encountered and fixed on behalf of clients:

  • Page formatting errors (it looks great on a laptop but terrible on a big monitor, for example)
  • Non-responsive pages (that therefore look awful on mobile)
  • The dreaded database connection errors
  • No security certificate (the little padlock icon that tells you a website is safe)
  • Website hacking and security issues
Laptop with post-it note attached that reads "help"
Picture Engine Website Rescue & Repair Examples

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