Project Description

Lancashire author E M Ellis asked Picture Engine to design and build a simple website for her to use in promoting her new book – there was a time constraint, as the domain name had been included in the “blurb” for the book and the website had to be ready by the publication date. She also asked Picture Engine to set up a Mailchimp mailing list to collect newsletter signups, and offer a free PDF download to everyone who signed up.

Images of E M Ellis responsive website on different devices

More than happy with my website, was exactly how I wanted it to be. Also, very quick, responsive and excellent value for money. Would highly recommend!

New site design

The site domain name had been chosen but not yet registered, so Picture Engine’s first priority was to register this and make sure it was tied down – this was done on the very first day! The next job was to choose a “look and feel” – this was helped a little by the design ethos used by the publishers of Emily’s first book Decide Forgive Feel, but of course there were copyright considerations and as always, we try to choose fonts that are freely available to reduce cost and increase the client’s ability to create a consistent cross-media brand. So, taking the general feel of the typefaces in the book publicity as well as some of the “heart” imagery we created a brand identity and colour scheme that suits Emily’s core values. As part of that process we also designed a logo and favicon to help identify the site.

Image of the homepage for E M Ellis - author
E M Ellis web page promoting book
Call to Action

Emily Ellis’s main driver for wanting a website was to promote her new book Decide Forgive Feel and there were two main “calls to action” that she wanted to feature. The first was asking people to sign up for her newsletter in return for a free PDF planner download, which we did by integrating a contact form with Mailchimp to collect customer data in a GDPR-friendly manner. The second was of course to promote sales of the books, which had its own dedicated page with links to buy both the print and Kindle version online.