Project Description

Puzzle Pieces is a project funded by Erasmus+ and created by the composer Dr Lucy Pankhurst. It is a collection of 25 sets of music for flexible instrumentation and a wide range of ability levels. It allows beginners and experienced players on a wide range of different instruments to perform together and is therefore ideal for anywhere with mixed ability music groups such as schools and music centres.

Images of Puzzle Pieces responsive website on different devices
Website Design

As part of the overall funding bid for the Puzzle Pieces project, which involved project partners from across the EU, there was funding set aside to create a means of distributing the pieces free of charge to end users. Obviously the best method of doing that was a website, so Lucy turned to Picture Engine to help put it together. Some graphics had been created for the individual pieces, and there was a project logo, but apart from that we had a clean slate to work with!

Image of the homepage for the Puzzle Pieces website
Puzzle pieces introduction and teacher notes page
Information and Distribution

The website needed to serve two purposes. One was to tell potential users how to get the best out of all the various parts of the project, and the other was to set up an online “shop” where the pieces could be downloaded. Even though all the pieces are fully funded and therefore FREE, we decided to use an e-commerce solution in order to take advantage of the account facility and order tracking. As with all publicly funded projects, some feedback on the takeup and success of the final pieces is required, and the reports built into WooCommerce allow easy reporting on both at the click of a button.